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2001 exhibit

The Tech's exhibit, 2001: Destination Space, featured rare collector's items, actual props and artwork used in the making of the film, and interactive comparisons between the technology postulated in Stanley Kubrick's classic film and the real science of the new millennium. The exhibit ran from February 8th through September 3rd, 2001. Thousands of people visited the 2001:Destination exhibition and the Tech Museum received favorable feedback about the experience.

Dennis Gonzales, Exhibit Consultant has created this site which, not unlike the library and museum exhibits, is a place where you can immerse yourself in the art, technology, and philosophy of 2001.

shiro kuramata

Shiro Kuramata, 1934-1991, was the finest and most influential designer in modern Japanese history. A true poet of creative vacancy, he introduced abstract and minimalist elements to western Bauhaus Modernism and integrated this with his oriental cultural perspective. His de-materialized designs are in a state of surreal and perpetual suspension, yet they are sensually present. What he enjoyed about his favorite material, perspex, was its ambiguity: cold as glass yet warm as wood. He cast roses in perspex so that they would flower eternally. His furniture crafted in metal seems almost to be floating; it emanates sensory imaginative power through its lightness, texture and shape.

His works have been at galleria carlasozzani and are shown here and can also be downloaded as a zip file.


Since 2001, the Austrian architecture and design firm AllesWirdGut ("everything will go well," in German) has sought to explore less conventional ideas of housing. Invited to participate in a young-designer's exhibition on living space in Vienna, the five-person firm began to rethink the idea of housing, ridding themselves of the typical blueprint of a ceiling, floor, and 4-walled structure. "We wanted something that was not only new but that would also be interactive and fun for the audience of the exhibition," explains architect Herwig Spiegl.

What AWG came up with was the housing concept called "TurnOn." It originated from scenes in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey mixed with a desire to be as forward-thinking as the automotive industry. At first glance, TurnOn is reminiscent of a human-size hamster wheel. The arrangement would consist of several revolving modules linked together. Each module's interior would be outfitted for a specific room or function, such as a kitchen, bedroom, or exercise room.

The wheel literally turns, and as the positioning of the module changes, so does its function. Spiegl explains, "For instance, while cooking, the couch becomes the ceiling, the dining table a wall." The Wet Cell, as AWG refers to it, is the module that would house the bathroom, including the toilet, shower, and bath. One would simply rotate the module to utilize one of the facilities.

model sharks

model shark
Math's shark is a "prop and rudder" model, with a propeller contained in the rear of the body with a duct in the bottom. The rear end of the shark is open, allowing water to go past the propeller and out the back (rather like an impeller on a jetski). The tail acts as the rudder for steering, while pitch is controlled by the two pectoral fins on the sides. The mouth even works!!

Information on this and other
model radio controlled sharks can be seen at this page.

sunlight direct

sunlight direct
An idea that has been around for many years, this technology only recently matured to the level necessary to allow cost-effective implementation.

Using plastic optical fibers and plastic optical components, Sunlight Direct is beta-testing a solar lighting system (the HSL3000) that delivers high quality sunlight and provides a revolutionary alternative to conventional daylighting.

Unlike skylights and windows, the HSL3000 allows the user to control where and how sunlight is used within a building and provides supplemental electric lighting to automatically maintain a constant level of illumination.


The Wheelsurf is pure adrenaline. It is one of the most distinctive vehicles on the planet -- a single-wheeled , ride-inside conveyance that's sure to get you noticed.

Riding the Wheelsurf is not for those seeking transport alone…
Imagine yourself in a centrifuge. The world is all yours. It is you and gravity forces. You are in the pipeline, the road is like water and you are surfing on it. It is fun, excitement, it is a thrill.

The Wheelsurf consists of an inner and an outer frame. The inner frame has three small wheels that make contact with the outer frame. The outer frame is the actual rotating wheel and has a solid rubber tire. The rider sits inside the inner frame that also contains the engine, clutch, propulsion mechanism and petrol tank.

Unusual Cards

Unusual Cards
Unusual Cards is a large selection of amazing blank greeting cards featuring the collage art of Francesca Berrini.

These hand cut combinations of children, dinosaurs, pin-up girls, giant cakes, and Jesus are available for sale through the website at retail prices.

All hand cut originals are one of a kind, and for sale.

Dexterous Hand

Dexterous Hand
The Shadow Robot company has developed the worlds most advanced Dexterous Hand.

The Hand is driven from a block of Air Muscles mounted behind the Hand on the "forearm". Pneumatic valves and initial control software are provided. Unless otherwise stated, the joints are driven by an opposing pair of muscles, permitting variable compliance at the joint; however, some of the finger joints are driven by a single muscle with return spring.

Now available for purchase.

Roq La Rue

Since 1998, Roq La Rue Gallery has been the premier gallery in the Northwest committed to Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism movement, in addition to any other type of figurative underground art.

Kirsten, Owner & Director says:

Since its launch, Roq la Rue has moved to a larger location, remodeled, expanded its artist base, and gained national & international recognition. We've have also recently taken on three excellent partners, Mark Long, John Kintz, and Sarah Novotny, as co-owners in the business. We all love and are committed to Roq La Rue, and hope to continue to be a supportive and exciting gallery that continues to help launch new artists and bring greater exposure to established ones.

patent art

Patentroom is a museum of early 20th Century design in patent art. The drawings reflect 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s design styles. Architecture, Cars, Toys, Trains, Prints & Shirts.

Flash PEZ

Would you like to have a different memory stick?

Why not make one with a PEZ candy dispenser.

It's an easy and inexpensive mod to do, instructions and photos can be seen here.

eye of science

Oliver Meckes, Photographer making scientific Photography since 1986 and Nicole Ottawa, Dipl. Biologist making Scientific Photography since 1993.

Their works can be seen at Eye of Science site which was founded in 1994.

And have great photographs taken with microscope technology resulting in photos like the fly shown here.

Map of Springfield

Map of Springfield
There are google maps and there is the Map of Springfield.

The Map of Springfield is a highly detailed map of the Simpsons' hometown.

The Map of Springfield is now available as a vector-based PDF file. This makes the map searchable with Adobe Acrobat and allows you to make a large print without any loss of resolution.

There are also many links to other Simpsons related information.

The Map of Springfield has been added to the Harvard Map Collection of the Harvard College Library. The Harvard Map Collection is the oldest map collection in America, and has a strong commitment to digital resources.

Balancing Scooter

Balancing Scooter
Another way of having a Balancing Scooter like Segway is to build it yourself.

Self-balancing scooters, are often thought to be technological miracles, but it is not actually very hard to build one.

Although the Segway has several exotic components, this one is built from common low-tech parts like wheelchair motors and RC car batteries. The parts, even at small quantity retail prices, cost less than half of a genuine Segway. It also doesn't need complex or high-performance software. The first version was written in Python and used serial ports to talk to the gyroscope and motor controller. The current software, now in C running in an onboard 8-bit microcontroller, is only 500 lines of code.

sticky tape sculpture

This artist named Helen Cunningham makes sculptures with sticky tape.

Making entirely solid sculptures using nothing but sticky tape. The model shown in the photo weights over 5Kg and about 100 rolls of tape have been used in the production.

At the artist site the work can be seen as well as various states of development.

Message in a Bottle

message bootle
This site has a list of links and information related to messages in bottles, so that people who live away from the sea can send their messages to be put into a bottle and thrown into the sea or river.

box doodle

box doodle
The Box Doodle project is a project which anyone can send their works made out of cardbox from packages transformed as an art object.

The rules are quite simple: rearrange a box to make any kind of figure or object.

Make the most of least.

Bicycle Forest

The Bicycle Forest aims to promote bicycles and other human powered vehicles as a viable form of transportation.

Recognizing that different people have different priorities and needs. So as new bikes are selected, they'll try to ensure that the collection reflects this broad range of interests. And don't worry; while recognizing the importance of such things as speed, and comfort, they still think one of the best things about bikes is that they are just so much FUN!

The home builders gallery include many bikes like: the SidewaysBike, the 21 person bike, The chopper (shown here), the wooden recumbent, the quadracycle, and many more fun bikes.

Open Cola

Open Cola
OpenCola is a brand of cola unique in that the instructions for making it are freely available and modifiable.

Anybody can make the drink, and anyone can modify and improve on the recipe as long as they, too, license their recipe under the GNU General Public License.

Making soft drinks is not for the faint of heart, nor the dirty of finger. It is a solemn enterprise not to be entered into lightly, as with marriage or buying used farm machinery. Improper use of cola might result in blunt trauma, puncture wounds, physical illness, mental illness, caffeine dependency, dental necrosis, acid reflux, death, devastation, and random tax audits. Or it might not.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000
So this is the BIG month, the seventh annual Gumball 3000 Rally sets off from Waterloo Place (between Picadilly Circus and Pall Mall) in London on Saturday 14th! Stars include: Jackass and Dukes of Hazard film star Johnny Knoxville, Jamiroquai's Jay Kay, Supermodels Caprice and Jodie Kidd, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill's legendary director Quentin Tarantino with film star Daryl Hannah, Bez from 'The Happy Mondays' and DC Shoes skateboard legend Rob Dyrdek all driving everything from Ferrari Enzo's, Pagani Zonda's, Lamborghini's, Porsche GT's, to old Aston Martin's, Rolls Royce's, Bio-Diesel Hybrid's and even the General Lee!

Bad Table

Bad Table
Surreal furniture by Straight Line Designs. Include the table shown in the picture called -Bad Table-.

The company is a custom furniture design and manufacturing company that has a reputation for both a signature style and quality work.

Their designs almost always lean towards the whimsical and unusual and the philosophy has always been to work closely with their clients.

The company is situated in Vancouver.

bamboo surfboards

bamboo surf boards

The strength of bamboo, the miraculous grass lies in bundles of fibers running the length of the culm held in a matrix of pith, precisely as in the new "strong materials". These consist of man-made fibers embedded in a matrix that holds them in parallel bundles, called composite materials. Fiberglass has been known for a longtime and recently, man-grown fibers of boron, carbon, and other elements have produced materials with amazing stiffness and strength to weight ratios. Engineers involved in the work call it the "new science of strong materials". Here again, nature anticipated man. And now there are the bamboo surf boards.


Ant Farm
A Space-Age Habitat For Antkind

This miraculous gel, derived from a NASA Space experiment, serves as both habitat and nutrition for your ants - allowing you to watch in awe as they turn a brick of aqua-blue gel into a fascinating colony of tunnels. Never before have you been so capable of watching these awesome creatures at work.

It can be bought at thinkgeek.

I am 8 bit

Pac Man Grenade
I am 8 bit is a exhibition inspired by video games.

Works done by 100 artist can be seen at the Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight, in Los Angeles, until 19 April.
Here is the exhibition site with some works.


soup can on wall
Banksy is a is a graffiti artist from Bristol, UK. Making many street art works using stencils. He also has done other works which involved hanging a piece of his own Art in several world museums like: London's Tate Modern, the New York Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. In May 2005 Bansky's version of primitive cave painting depicting a human figure hunting wildlife while pushing a shopping cart was found hanging in the British Museum. Some of these forced works have been removed while others are still at exhibition.


Until 9 of July at Sixpace Gallery a exhibition of rubikcubism from the space invaders french artist. Rubikcubism: Avant garde artistic movement that appeared in the XXI Century by using Rubik's cubes as a medium to create art. The French artist known by the pseudonym Invader is at the origin of this movement.

A exhibition featuring mosaics, video installation, and both small and large-scale sculptures.

upside down

upside down
Confuse your party guests, turning the room upside down. With some work and tricks make your room look like it's upside down. See how it all can be done following the instructions step by step here.

Gun hair dryer

This air dryer looks like a gun, just pull the trigger and it fires warm air. Soon available to buy at bathroomgraffiti.

Epica Awards

The Epica Awards have become the reference for creative achievement in Europe.

One of the 2004 winners is this Van Gogh museum cafe sign called: ear.

Epica (europe's premier creative awards) has a site with all the participants works with large pictures from their works, lots of great pictures from all the past years works for all categories.


Is it a plane?, is it a car?, is it a boat?, it's Hydrofoam. The Hydro-Foam is a remote control electric airplane powered by a brushless motor and lithium-polymer batteries. It's not a beginner airplane. It floats like a boat, can go on dry land like a car and fly like an airplane.
Michael Connally, made it and
is working on getting the Hydro-Foam kits ready for production. And it can be seen here

Lawn Furniture

Lawn Furniture
How much oxygen did your furniture produce today?

Unlike your standard-issue sofa, this lush greenery is totally organic, requires no synthetic finishes, and can be brought to life, Golem-style, from salvaged dirt.

Learn how to sculpt lawn furniture from the lawn itself here.

Free Lego Journal

brick journal
BrickJournal is a quarterly publication that will focus on the Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) community, with articles about:
  • people - the personalities behind the building
  • building - the incredible models that have been built
  • community - the places and events where AFOLs meet
and can be downloaded free from legofan site

post-it mosaic

Nice Elvis wall mosaic made with Post-it notes, and here is the authors page where one can learn how to make Post-it mosaic.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona circuit
Barcelona formula one race track from google maps



estoril circuit
estoril, Portugal formula one race track from google maps


Interlagos Brazil

Interlagos circuit
Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil track from google maps


Melbourne Australia

Melbourne circuit
Melbourne Australia Formula One track from google maps


Suzuka Japan

suzuka circuit
Suzuka Japan formula one race track from google maps



monaco circuit
google maps view of monaco circuit at Monte Carlo



Hungaroring circuit
the hungary grand prix track



imola circuit
another formula one race track from google maps



indianapolis circuit
another google maps formula one series