Monday, July 31, 2006

Floppy Space Invader

Floppy Space Invader
A good idea to recycle old 5"25 floppy disks by Flickr member mqtthiqs who made this mosaic using floppy disks called Floppy Space Invader.

The Game Reflected

Kevin Tiell
The Game Reflected is a project by photographer Kevin Tiell who made a series of photographs of pinball machines showing the pinball's perspective.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bill Barminski

Bill Barminski is a versatile artist who draws from popular culture to create visually complex paintings.

They function as cutting commentaries on our consumer culture by wittily appropriating images from advertising's past.

In addition to making paintings, Barminski has also produced CD- ROMs that not only animate his paintings, but also give life and voice to the characters of his imagination.

He is also the creator of previously mentioned gas mask designs based on cartoon characters shown at illegal art.

Clayton Junior

Clayton Junior from Sao Paulo, Brazil studied illustration at ParanĂ¡ Visual arts school in Brazil and also at New york School of Visual Arts and makes colourfull vector illustrations works with wonderfull shapes.

Animatronic Flesh Shoe

Adam Brandejs
The Animatronic Flesh Shoe made by Adam Brandejs is a Nike shoe stapled together with human flesh, twitching...

The shoe is stitched together with multiple pieces of latex rubber cast out of moulds made from my own skin. The shoe's toe and heel raise and lower as it occasionally vibrates/pulsates, and twitches on the floor as if it were still alive. The movement is not constant, and usually causes people to jump back while they are in the middle of leaning in for a closer look.

bikerod & kustom gallery


The bikerod & kustom gallery shows a great collection of user submited custom made bikes including the one presented in the photo, the VacTrike made out of a vacuum cleaner by Tom Satterfield, with fender pods made out of art deco cookware lids.

Ben Grasso

Ben Grasso
The first solo exhibition of Ben Grasso called In My Own Backyard presented by Sixtyseven gallery, shows Grasso's most recent body of work includes large-scale charcoal drawings and oil paintings. Often involving things such as aircrafts or missiles crashing upon impact or into archetypal houses, the work explores how tragic spectacles relate to modern-day sensory overload.

One cannot tell whether the work is based on true events, imagination, or both. Some disaster scenes seem physically impossible if not absurd, especially in the oil paintings, which at times are reminiscent of action movie stills or video games.

Ross McBride

Ross McBride
A selection of work from the studio of Ross
McBride, including Digital Dali (photo), Time Table, and Command Sit.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jo Lawrence broom dolls

Jo Lawrence
Jo Lawrence places from time to time a box with the heads of dead filming actresses on its kitchen table. Some appear indifferently, some smile. All wait for the metamorphosis, which they will experience. They are actual photocopies of the faces of forgotten Holywood of star from and the 30's 20's.

The key to understand the charm of these dolls, with photo faces and fool bodies, is their equivocal quality: they appear as both, things and figures, as confrontation of mysterious elements and as human being-same forms. It is difficult sometimes to decide whether the person is a broom or the broom a person - in reality they are both.


Internet paintings
Valery Grancher has a collection of painting called webpaintings which are paintings of internet logos, internet screen, famous software screens and internet pages sources and codes...

He has started also a new series called Computer paintings dedicated to famous computers and computers departements, and also computer codes and screen.

Rooftop Films

Rooftop Films
Rooftop Films is a non-profit film festival and production collective that supports, creates, promotes, and shows daring short films worldwide and in a weekly summer rooftop film festival.

Rooftop Films is more than a film festival; above all, it's a community. It's a collective collaboration between filmmakers and festivals, between audience members and artists, between venues and neighborhoods. Rooftop Films goal is to create a vibrant independent filmmaking community that bridges cultural boundaries.

Rooftop Films, brings the underground outdoors.

Bristol has considered to keep a Banksy piece

The city of Bristol has considered to keep a Banksy piece that appeared one weekend on the side of a sex clinic

BBC reports that due to the overwhelming support of the public on the internet, the piece is going to stay up.

Naked man' mural allowed to stay
'Guerrilla artist' Banksy's graffiti
The mural is near Bristol City Council's offices
A piece of graffiti by Bristol artist Banksy has been allowed to stay after what the city council described as "overwhelming support" from the public.

The stencilled image shows a woman in her underwear standing behind a suited man leaning out of a window, and a naked man hanging onto the ledge.

The public was invited to decide whether it should stay on the side of a building on Park Street or be removed.

An internet discussion forum showed 97% of submitters supported the work.

Many people who logged on highlighted the fact that Banksy is a Bristolian, and that his work "brightened up" the urban environment.

However, the council warned the support of the

Banksy piece is not support of graffiti in general, and an extra council team has recently been created to tackle graffiti.

Strange statues around the world


A site with a nice collection of pictures from

Strange statues around the world.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cursor Kite

Very little is known about this kite.

Sighted here at Burning Man 2005, it seems to be bringing the desktop of your computer outdoors.

Quad-line control, asymmetrical framing, invisible stainless fittings, and opposed-bow tensioning for the sail make this incredible kite look digitally pasted right into the sky..

Alexandre Orion

Alexandre Orion
Alexandre Orion is a 27 year old artist from Brazil.

He combines graffiti art with photography.

He makes graffiti paintings and waits for the right moment to take a photograph.

See the result in his

Monday, July 17, 2006

Urban fairies

Urban fairies

Urban fairies is a site made by Jonathan b. Wright which shows a collection of fairy doors, with information, photos, location of these tiny doors that he found.



ComicBookDB is the fastest-growing comic database on the web. The first goal of this project is to catalog every comic, graphic novel, manga, creator, character and anything else that could possibly relate to the field of comics.

Jan Bollaert

Jan Bollaert

An overview of Jan Bollaert contemporary neo pop art paintings.

Masterpiece on your desktop


The Rijksmuseum is proud to announce that it is the first museum in the world to offer a 'widget'.

The Rijkswidget only does one thing, but that one thing is absolutely splendid: it allows you to view a different work from the collection every day.

Extra Man Sliding Puzzle Explained

Extra Man

At the start, there are twelve men in the image. After the two sections change places, there are thirteen men. The puzzle is figuring out where the thirteenth man came from.

To understand where the extra man comes from click here.